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Engine Performance

Are you looking for great car tune-up service in Louisville? Today's cars are made up of hundreds of complex components all working collectively. Over time, however, these components can wear out, resulting in a loss of efficiency, as well as performance and fuel economy.

At Gates Automotive Service Center, we want to educate our customers with preventive maintenance techniques and an understanding of their vehicle so they'll know when it's time for service. Our Technicians are specially trained to work on today's high tech engines. We are here to help you maintain your vehicle, keep it running well and extend its life for as little expense as possible.

What is a Tune-Up?

The nature of an engine tune-up has changed considerably over the years, but the basics of how a gasoline engine works has not. Clean gas and air needs to be driven to the vehicles cylinders where combustion initiated by a spark plug creates the power necessary to move a heavy vehicle. Clogged fuel injectors, dirty air and fuel filters, and corroded spark plugs can all decrease engine performance and contribute to decreased gas mileage and performance. That is why we examine your vehicles air filter when you stop in and why we recommend that you follow manufacturers recommendations for replacing such key components as fuel filters, PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valves, and spark plugs when they no longer work at maximum efficiency.

Time for a Tune-Up?

It may be time for a tune-up if you notice one or more of the conditions below when starting or driving your vehicle:

Picture of a check engine light