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Heating and Cooling

To keep passengers comfortable, we recommend having your air conditioning system checked at the start of the each warm season.

Our standard A/C Performance Check Service includes the following:

A/C Maintenance

The trusted team at Gates Automotive Service Center provides a variety of services to guarantee a comfortable drive for you and your passengers. At Gates Automotive Service Center, some of the key components to our air conditioner and heating services include the repair or replacement of:


A small radiator mounted in the dash called a heater core heats the interior cabin. There are coolant hoses that come from the engine that allows hot fluid to pass through the heater core once the engine builds temperature and go back to the engine. The interior blower motor circulates cabin air through the heater core providing heat to the occupants inside the vehicle. Heater problems that we can diagnose at Gates Automotive Service Center to get your vehicles heat working:

The heater control head, its sensors and blends doors can also cause the heater's output to have poor performance. Proper diagnosing by our technicians will tell us what part has malfunctioned. A leaking heater core can cause clouding or dampness on the inside of the windshield. We can check the heater to see if it has failed. If the heater is leaking, replacement heater will be the fix.